22 Oct 14

Eiffel Tower of Acrylic (PMMA)

Whether as a souvenir or architectural model, miniatures can perfectly be cut with a CO2 laser. The fine laser beam provides excellent precision. In this example, we used 3 mm acrylic glass for the Eiffel Tower. Properly illuminated, this building is a real eye-catcher, and not only for fans of French architecture! Why can this only be done by laser? Lots of fine details The narrow edges of the workpiece do not allow for clamping The thin laser beam enables any number of internal contours with virtually no internal radius…

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02 Aug 14

Laser cutting of Polyester Filter

Modern filter media are used for the separation of process by-products. But frequently, the separated material is also the desired product. website loading speed test Thus, the filter media used, in this case the filter fleece, must be structured accordingly. In voluminous filter fleeces, suspended and ultra-fine particles are deposited in the fibre labyrinth, increasing the filtration level. One of the uses of filter fleece is the separation of solids from liquids in wet filtration. Good filter technology is critical to the outcome of both the separation of harmful chemicals…

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26 Apr 14

Laser cutting printed acrylic and printed foils

No damage to the print during laser cutting Cutting printed materials never fails to pose a challenge for the user. Be it in terms of print quality, the precision of the cut or of keeping the print clean at the cut edge. We can ensure perfect precision thanks to our optical recognition system which is why we are focussing on the quality of the cut edge in this test.

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16 Nov 13

Cutting Heat-Resistant Glass Fibres

Application: Motor sports and tuning Glass fibres are now a widely-used material in the automotive racing and private tuning sector. A typical application are exhaust and noise reduction systems. In the automotive sector, silencers, as well as reducing noise, also serve to remove hot combustion gases and can significantly affect engine performance. Due to the very hot exhaust gases, filler is made from heat-resistant fibreglass. Special kinds of this material are designed for temperatures of over 1,000°C and thus ideal for use in hot exhaust systems. This material can be…

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24 May 13

Protective Films for Display Screens

Protection against dust and scratching for electrical and electronic equipment More and more electronic and communication equipment offers users high-quality screen surfaces. No method of protecting this equipment from scratches and soiling in everyday use has proved as successful as the application of a hardwearing protective film. Laser cutting offers impressive advantages in the manufacture of these films: No cleaning of the knife necessary No parts stick after cutting Consistently perfect cutting results Maximum repeat accuracy No material distortion thanks to contact-free cutting Smooth cut edges Narrow radiuses and extremely…

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08 May 13

Parachute Silk Laser Cutting

Cut with laser precision Light, virtually airtight and colourful – typical properties of parachute silk. Nowadays these synthetic tissues which are made of polyamide fibres as well as Aramide and Dyneema tissues are coming into their own, along with other functional textiles, and being used for special applications. In the meantime they have become indispensable in many branches where they are used for such things as tent and kite manufacture, tracking accessories, paragliding, parachutes and much, much more. For over 10 years now eurolaser has been focussing its attention on…

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07 Mar 13

Model House Made of 6 Materials

The flexible all-in-one solution Laser, with its high level of flexibility and fast processing capacity, is the perfect tool for producing architectural and miniature models. The first prototype is ready just as quickly as an exemplar from the finished series. What is more, the architect’s or designer’s CAD files can be exported to the laser system directly from the design software. The software is compatible with a large number of standard file formats such as AI, DXF, CDR, HPGL or EPS, for example. Your benefits at a glance: Fast and…

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11 Dec 12

Fascinating trophies made of Acrylic

Presenting awards and prizes to winners is usually the highlight of an event. This is true both for small sports clubs as well as for international film award festivals. A trophy made of acrylic glass is the ideal choice wherever something more than just a run-of-the-mill cup and certificate is called for. There is almost no limit to the design options, so a convincing award can be manufactured for every occasion and can take its rightful place as the highlight of every event. The benefits of laser are obvious: Cutting…

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29 Oct 12

Laser Cutting Technical Textiles

One of the most frequent requests we get is for laser cutting textiles of all sorts.  One of the reasons for this is there are so many styles of textiles manufactured and found in all areas of our lives.  While the fashion industry comes to mind quickly, and there are no shortages of ways to use the laser to cut clothing and fashion accessories, this is not where the biggest challenges lay.  Most materials used for clothing and accessories cut with the laser very cleanly and without burning. The real…

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03 Apr 12

Tis’ the Season for Laser Cut Acrylic Snow Flakes!

One of the great things about laser cutting for the Arts world is showing off how playful something like a CO2 laser can be!  For instance in this winter holiday season we have been cutting snow flakes out of 1/8” acrylic.  The ability of acrylic to hold a ton of detail when cut, as well as be embellished by the etching process makes it a natural for producing beautiful holiday ornaments as well.  Some of the designs we have cut contain so much detail that they are almost as much…

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