Precision Laser Cutting

Boston Lasers customers need us to respond with speed and efficiency to changes in product design and shifts in the marketplace. Boston Lasers has a standard three- to five-day turnaround time for most projects, and we have the full-service production capacity to meet your schedule needs. Our laser cutting system provides you with just-in-time manufacturing and product delivery. Rush and weekend services are available and quoted upon request.laser cut acrylic display resized 600

Boston Lasers has developed a proprietary software system that allows us to take advantage of the precision cutting advantages of lasers. We operate the most accurate laser equipment in the world and use up to 13 variables on four lasers to achieve optimal results. Boston Lasers equipment is often adjusted and modified to meet client specifications.

Boston Lasers’ process

• Lowers the cost of projects by eliminating molds, die, and set-up
• Increases accuracy and repeatability to +/- 0.001 inch on an element-to-element or part-to-part basis
• Improves edge quality by eliminating jagged, rough, and compressed edges
• Reduces surface deformation caused by the non-contact nature of the laser cutting process
• Eliminates stack-up tolerances and errors that are inherent in complex operations
• Etches, cuts, and inks reference points in a single execution
• Increases the yield of parts due to extremely narrow beam width (kerf) that allows for a tighter nesting of parts
• Cuts edges on most materials so clean that they require no additional finishing


We laser cut signs of all types and specialize in stencils, cutting Gator board displays, acrylic displays, and signage.

Architectural models

Many companies, not just architectural companies, need to produce prototypes or product models to aid in design. Laser cutting architectural models is a Boston Lasers specialty. We laser etch and cut wood, acrylic, styrene, chip board, and other modeling materials for architects, engineers, landscape designers, and model railroad builders.


Our textile work spans the industry: from cutting jeans, tee shirts curtains, tablecloths and specialty textiles for industry. Boston Lasers has the production capacity and technology to work with you to develop prototypes or samples and then move them into production.


Many artists and arts organizations turn to Boston Lasers for unique project executions. Examples of laser cutting for the arts projects include shaped canvas for paintings, table cloths, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, building blocks, cloth toys, leather belts, purses & textiles. Whether you are looking at laser cutting paper for greeting cards, manufacturing acrylic cases for one the world’s great museums or something unique for your organization. Boston Lasers is able to use its laser cutting accuracy to create your prototype or product.


Laser cutting paper is an intricate process. Boston Lasers can laser cut paper to create delicate designs for your event or thank you that really has a big “Wow” factor. Laser cutting cards, paper, POP displays, wedding invitations and announcements is becoming more popular for people and organizations that want something truly original & remarkable.