Laser Cutting Technology for Companies

Boston Lasers is equipped for the specialty laser cutting services that technology companies must have to stay
competitive in a fast moving marketplace. We work directly with medical device and biotechnology scientists and product engineers to develop customized processes and methodologies.

Because Boston Lasers offer the most accurate laser cutting services in North America, our equipment can:

  • Cut polymers so they do not become monomers and adversely impact biological samples
  • Cut medical technology materials without burning or changing the chemical makeup of the material
  • Cut 0.005 inch thick materials without distorting the shape or edge
  • Deliver a perfect edge and +/- 0.001 inch consistency on a part-to-part basis
  • Optimize laser cutting equipment to etch an optical target 0.005 inch across on pure silica disks with a laser beam
    that has a kerf of 0.004 inches
  • Optimize laser beam to achieve a beam kerf thickness, of 0.0015 inch