Roland Lemieux – President and Applications Engineer
  • Co-founded Boston Lasers in 2004
  • Master field service engineer for Eurolaser, Inc.
  • Master technician for Zund, Inc.
  • Certified to repair Synrad Lasers products
  • Trained with:
    • Sandia Laboratories, Livermore, CA
    • McDonald Douglas, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    • Synrad, Mikkitteo, Washington
  • Active in the laser industry since 1984
  • Received BS in Electrical Engineering at University of Glendale, Phoenix, AZ
Up For The Challenge

Roland Lemieux, Boston Lasers’ president and applications engineer, has come across naysayers in his life that say some material or idea or model can’t be done. Time and time again, Lemieux proves that the laser cutting expertise he and his team provides at Boston Lasers meets the challenges of medical device companies, biotechnology and life science companies, high technology companies, textile businesses, and fine art and design professionals. Innovation is at the heart of the challenge that keeps him on top of his game and your custom laser cutting requirements.