Laser Equipment Specifications & Capabilities

Housed in a 4,800 square foot facility, Boston Lasers invests in equipment and technology to provide a full-service product line of laser cutting services to its clients. In 2004, it acquired the most accurate laser cutting tables in North America from Eurolaser of Germany. Eurolaser merged a Synrad CO2 laser to the most accurate plotter in the world made by Zund of Switzerland. Boston Lasers then modified the equipment from a single use design structure to a fluid platform capable of accommodating a wide range of cutting needs. These modifications are the reasons Boston Lasers can optimally cut a variety of material. The modification process is part of the ongoing, mutual technology development between Eurolaser, Boston Lasers and our customers, which dates back to 1998.

Unique Boston Lasers capabilities include:

  • Single operation Ink line marking and laser cutting while holding all tolerances
  • Laser beam modification so that corners and cutting intersections do not burn out
  • Projects are cut so that no S shaped corners are produced
  • Offset any cut for the beam thickness to exact size object desired
  • Laser pulse rates from 500 times per second to 20,000 times per second
  • Capability to run an assist gas such as Argon
  • Equipment downtime minimized because Boston Lasers are authorized field service engineers for Eurolaser and Zund in North America

Equipment specifications and capabilities

Boston Lasers operates four Eurolaser laser cutting tables, including a laser table that is the largest for hire in North America. All laser tables have optical registration.

Table cutting area sizes:

  • 31”x 51”
  • 47”x 51”
  • 70”x98”

Laser wattage:

  • 100 to 250

Specified point accuracy/repeatability

  • +/- 0.001 inch
  • Hold accuracy and sustain four G’s of stopping pressure without backlash and zero acceleration lag
  • Repeatability is subject to modification based on client project needs

Laser beam kerf

  • +/- 0.004 to 0.006 inch is typical
  • +/- 0.0015 and up based on project requirements
  • Cutting materials up to one-inch thickness
  • Etching materials up to two inch thickness as a table and head clearance specification
  • Laser beam kerf is subject to modification based on client project needs